When it comes to purchasing small appliances for your kitchen. You are going to be tempted to do one of two things. You could go out and purchase every small appliance when it comes out and then let many of them sit in storage for years without using half of them. Or you could be mindful of what you want and weigh the pros and cons before making your decision.

Therefore, so many people go back and forth before purchasing either a micro convection or an air fryer. Both these small appliances are similar and will cook food faster than other appliances in your kitchen. However, they are both space hogs and will take up a lot of room on a countertop.

While you can put the air fryer in storage. Along with this, the micro convection is slightly more difficult to move from your countertop to storage in between uses.

Micro Convection or Air Fryer

Which is Better: A Micro Convection or Air Fryer?

Air Fryers

Air fryers can cook foods at a faster rate without blowing the hot air directly on the food. It is very difficult to dry food out in an air fryer. Despite the fact, you don’t need to use a lot of oil. Due to the size of the air fryer. it can be difficult to prepare meals for more than one or two people. Therefore, you may find yourself spending more time cooking meals. then you want to if you are feeding a larger family.

Air fryers are easy to clean because you are not using a lot of oil like you would in the old deep fryers. Simple washing with soap and water. Moreover, followed by a rinse is all your air fryer will need after you use it.

Micro Convection or Air Fryer

Micro Convections

Micro convection is use to cook almost anything. Additionally,  as long as you add a little bit of liquid to the dish. The hot air in these small appliances is not circulating like it is in the air fryer. So it is possible to overcook certain foods if you are not careful. Micro-convections are larger than air fryers. So you can fit more food into them. But depending on where you place this small appliance, getting larger items in and out may be more trouble than it is worth.

Micro-convections can be more difficult to clean than air fryers. When you are cooking, you may find that you must clean up stains, splatters, and even food drippings. And if you forget to clean your micro convection after one meal. The clean-up will take even longer because all the food will be dried.

Trying to decide between a micro convection and an air fryer can be difficult. While you may think you would use one over the other more. You may be surprised by what you actually do. Therefore, we recommend going over the pros and cons of each of these small appliances before you make a purchase. You may even want to see if a friend or family member has one you can borrow for a little bit. Trying each one may give you a better idea if it is better to purchase one, the other, or both for your kitchen.

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