When you walk in your kitchen, you might not know where every single kitchen tool is located. We know that you know where your favorite spatula is and the ice cream scooper, but what about those items that you forget to dig out when you should? There are so many kitchen tools that are undervalued. And yet, those are the kitchen tools that should get a lot more love than they do.

Undervalued kitchen tools

What are the Most Undervalued Kitchen Tools?

  1. Meat Thermometer

 Everyone seems to have a meat thermometer in their kitchen, but how many times have you taken it out in the last year? If you don’t have one, now is the time to go out and buy this kitchen tool. Once you start using this device, you will never overcook meat again!

  1. Oven Mitts

No one ever says, “Oh, how I love my oven mitts!”. They simply grab them to take things out of the oven and when touching hot pots and pans. And yet, what would we do without them??

  1. Burger Press

How many times have you tried to make hamburger patties to only have them fall apart when you place them on the grill? Everyone has done it, but not those people who embrace their burger presses. These presses come in circle and square shapes, so you have the shaped burger you want every time. The burger press is easy to use, makes patties that won’t fall apart, and is easy to clean. Go buy one today!

  1. Wooden Spoons

You can’t beat a wooden spoon when it comes to cooking almost any type of meal. These spoons don’t scratch the bottom of pots and pans and they don’t make your food taste funny. If you don’t have a wooden spoon in your kitchen, go buy one right now. Then let us know if you could still live without one once you start using it to cook. We bet you can’t!

  1. Kitchen Scissors

Not many people think about using scissors to cut food in the kitchen, but everyone should. Cutting chicken is much easier with scissors than a knife. Snipping off herbs is better with scissors too.

  1. Box Grater

So many people have a microplane in their kitchen or a garlic press. What they really need though is a box grater. Box graters make it easy to slice and shred everything and they are much easier to keep clean.

  1. Citrus Juicer

Yes, you can roll a lemon or lime on the counter and give it a squeeze. However, depending on the strength in your hands, you might not get as much juice out. Plus, the seeds can fall into whatever you are preparing. A better option is to pull out your citrus juicer. This juicer will keep your hands clean, keep the seeds contained, and provide more juice than ever.

Undervalued kitchen tools

These are seven of the most undervalued kitchen tools in any kitchen. If you happen to own any of them, pull them out and start using them more often. And if you don’t, go buy them and see how much easier your time in the kitchen can be.

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