What kitchen lighting trends are, for 2022? There are several different factors that contribute to the overall look of your kitchen, including the shape and style of the room, the size of your appliances, and the materials used in the cabinets and flooring. However, the most important factor in setting the overall mood of your kitchen is how you light it. The way you choose to light your kitchen will create ambiance, as well as functionality based on how you use it. This year’s top kitchen lighting trends will be featured in kitchens across the country in 2022!

Trend 1. More lamps and fewer overhead lights

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Instead of a single central light fixture, kitchen designers are now including more lamps and fewer overhead lights. As energy costs increase, more people are looking to use energy-efficient products in their homes. Because of that, we’re seeing an increased interest in LED lights which can save homeowners quite a bit on electricity bills. Some lamps are also motion-activated which helps cut down on excess energy use.

Trend 2. LED Technology

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LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are small semiconductor devices that emit light when an electric current passes through them. As a more recent technology, LEDs have already replaced most of the standard incandescent and fluorescent lights in our kitchens. The combination of energy efficiency and long life expectancy makes LEDs an ideal choice for kitchen lighting fixtures.

Trend 3. The return of mood lighting

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Nothing says romantic like candlelight. Low, flickering lights create an intimate ambiance. This mood-lighting trend is ideal for small spaces with no space for a chandelier or pendant lamp (such as dorm rooms, tiny kitchens, and bedrooms). Mood lighting also helps you save energy—perfect in places where cost efficiency is key.

Trend 4. Lights for your countertops and kitchen islands

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Countertop lights will start showing up in kitchens across America, as people are looking to incorporate more task lighting into their kitchens. These lights can be used for anything from cooking and food prep to simply reading at your kitchen island. Don’t be surprised if countertop lights turn out to be one of next year’s biggest home design trends.

Trend 5. Under Cabinet Lighting Is Taking Over Your Kitchen

2018 was a big year for under cabinet lighting, and it’s easy to see why: it doesn’t just make your kitchen look great, but it can also increase its functionality by helping you find items more easily. But that’s not all: researchers are working on alternative sources of energy to power our homes, meaning we may be seeing new designs on electricity-powered kitchens in coming years. Under-cabinet lights may well be a thing of the past by 2022. Keep an eye out!

Trend 6. Fixtures designed like wall art

From sconces and chandeliers to table lamps, there’s no shortage of interesting home lighting that doubles as art. Expect to see more fixtures designed specifically to accentuate or define certain features or areas in your kitchen. These accents can be placed on a wall, around your island, or over a dining table.

Trend 7. Pendant Light in the center of everything

In order to allow all guests in your kitchen (or any other room) an overview of everything, you should place a big pendant light in a central position. Pendant lights come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s up to you how big or small you would like them. You can choose between sleek and simple, bold and colorful, or even vintage-style with exposed filament bulbs. Just find one that suits your style!

Trend 8. Sculptural light fixtures with metal shades

Metal shades bring a sleek, modern aesthetic to sculptural light fixtures. As with contemporary home decor, expect to see lots of circles in kitchens and dining rooms. These lights are also ideal for darker spaces because they provide great visibility without harsh glare. If you’re ready to incorporate metal shades into your kitchen design, talk with your designer about whether a single pendant or multiple canisters will work best in your space.


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