A Silicon Food Writing Pen is great for writing on food, but what are the top ten reasons to use this pen? Here are my favorite things about these pens.

They Are Non-Toxic

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The pens we’re talking about here are non-toxic and won’t leave any smears or residue on your food. This is important because you can trust that what you’re writing will be safe and free of harmful chemicals. Your taste buds and sense of smell will thank you too! The pens we’re talking about here are non-toxic and won’t leave any smears or residue on your food. This is important because you can trust that what you’re writing will be safe and free of harmful chemicals

They Don’t Smell

When was the last time you grabbed a pen and sniffed it? Probably never, but that’s what many people will do before tasting their food. With its faint plastic smell, your standard ballpoint pen can be off-putting if not completely disgusting to someone with sensitive taste buds. Skip all of that nonsense with silicon food writing pens. These adorable little guys don’t have any odor at all. The lack of ascent makes them much more versatile in both professional and personal settings—there’s nothing worse than needing to borrow a pen from someone who smells like broccoli! Our silicon food writing pens have no smell so they can be used for anything from recipes, grocery lists, work notes, and more without being seen as odd or unattractive.

Longer Lasting

Silicon pens are designed for professional chefs, bakers and cooks who use them day-in and day-out. They’re also fantastic for decorating cakes, cookies, gingerbread houses and other sweets that often have sugar decorations on top that can melt or run if you use regular writing utensils. Silicon pens don’t smudge easily either. You can rest assured that whatever you write with your silicon pen will remain intact until you choose to erase it. This is particularly useful when you’re working with icing as it’s too gooey to rework after drying. A final reason you’ll want to use a silicone food writing pen? They come in fun colors! If you like colorful tools, then silicon is worth considering as an option as they often come in bright hues like pink and green. Have fun!

No Sharp Edges

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Unlike metal, silicon pens don’t have sharp edges that scratch your skin or cut into your food. Also, they don’t retain smells or flavors like plastic can—so you can use them without worrying about their effect on flavor. They’re dishwasher safe, so they’re easy to clean and maintain. Plus, silicon pens don’t require any batteries or power cords—so there are no worries about whether you remembered to charge them or not!

Smudge Proof

If you’ve ever written on a hot surface, you know how frustrating it can be to have your writing smudge. The silicon in these pens keeps your words in place. Plus, these unique pens are great for kids who don’t have full control over their hand muscles yet. As an added bonus, they’re also fun to write with – just like regular pens! There’s something about writing food that makes cooking so much more enjoyable. It’s almost as if you’re playing pretend when using one of these unique pens. Your guests will love that you use them too! You don’t even need special paper to write on.

Just turn any piece of parchment or white paper into a personal note pad by scribbling down whatever comes to mind. Sure, most people use them for recipes and grocery lists, but there’s no reason why you can’t go off-the-beaten path and have some fun with it too! They’re so cheap and easy to find at retail stores or online shops. There’s no reason not to try one out yourself today! Even though most chefs cook either because they want a tasty meal or because they enjoy doing so, sometimes cooking is just another chore we have to get done before going home.

Easy To Store

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Most pen holders take up valuable counter space. This isn’t true of food-writing pens, however. Silicon pens are easy to store in your kitchen drawers when not in use and can be pulled out at a moment’s notice when you need them most. Simply refill your silicon pen with ink and you’re good to go! These pens also come with an erasable tip so if you do make any mistakes or change your mind, just wipe off your work. The possibilities are endless once you have one of these products handy in your kitchen. Your guests will love being able to personalize their meals as they see fit without ever having to guess what each dish is made from at first glance. This makes it a great gift for individuals looking for a unique item they can incorporate into their cooking techniques on a daily basis.

Kids Love Them!

Every kid who’s gone through school has likely used a classic wooden pencil at some point. Why not give them something just as fun? Silicon food writing pens are great for kids because of their bright colors and playful shapes. Let your children enjoy themselves with a creative color choice, whether they’re learning about math or creating funny doodles on their papers. And you can feel good about it, too. Children who use tools like these are much more likely to pay attention in class than those who use boring old mechanical pencils.

Smear Resistant Coating

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The top reason that anyone should use a silicone food writing pen is that it doesn’t smear. For people who are constantly on the go, it can be difficult enough having to jot down notes or reminders about what needs to be done. So do yourself a favor and give yourself some extra time by using a pen that won’t smudge. Our silicon food writing pens have an incredibly smear-resistant coating that will last for years of use before you have to replace it with another one. You can even enjoy wearing jewelry without worrying about scratching your precious metal with our pen.


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