When it comes to grilling or cooking meats, everyone seems to have their own favorite method. Some people prefer marinating the meat, while others add a coating of dry rub. Do you know which method is best for your meat though?

There is very little difference between these two things. The main difference is a marinade is a liquid, while a dry rub is basically dried seasonings all mixed together. They are both easy to use and they both add flavor to all types of meat.


A good marinating will take spices and add them to a mixture of oil and other liquids. The other liquids are usually acidic options like citrus or vinegar. That acidity assists with making meat tender after cooking, while also boosting the flavor. 

The length of time you will need to marinate your meat will be dependent on the cut of meat. Thicker and tougher cuts will require a longer marinating time. We prefer to marinate meats for at least 12 hours with 24 hours being the better option.

Marinating VS Dry Rub Mongolian Beef

Dry Rubs

As we mentioned above, dry rubs are different dried spices mixed together. You will often find brown sugar, paprika, and salt in all dry rubs. A dry rub is designed to add more than flavor. It should also add texture to the meat.

We recommend applying a dry rub to your meat an hour before you plan on cooking it. This will allow the spices to blend into the meat, giving it more flavor. You can add more dry rub during the cooking process if you think your meat needs more.

It is easy to make your own dry rubs and marinades. However, you can also purchase both these items at your local grocery store.
If you are unsure of which one you prefer more, you may want to consider a few pros and cons of both marinades and dry rubs.


Marinating VS Dry Rub Roasting Pan

Marinades are excellent for adding flavor to meat and vegetables. Most people prefer this method. Because it makes even the toughest piece of meat tender and edible. The best part about marinades though is there are hundreds of options to choose from.

There are a couple of downsides to using marinades. Since marinade is a liquid, it makes it more difficult to transport if you are preparing food away from home. The liquid spill and make a huge mess that is difficult to clean up. You must also add the marinate to the meat well in advance and watch the meat carefully. So it does not get overcooked.

Dry rubs practically ensure you don’t overcook your meat. Because they seal in the juices. Since the dry rubs add textures, you can have a tastier piece of meat when you are ready to eat. It is much easier to take a dry rub with you when you are cooking away from home because it is safe in a jar. Plus, you can add the dry rub practically right before you cook the meat and still get amazing results.

There are fewer cons to using dry rubs. The main one is a dry rub that cannot use this method on any type of vegetable. And if you happen to use the wrong dry rub, you can easily ruin a good piece of meat while cooking it.

Only you will know whether a marinade or dry rub is best for your meat. We recommend trying both and then deciding which one you prefer the most.


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