Today, we’re going to take you through five of our favorite farmhouse kitchen decor ideas that will turn your kitchen into the classic room you always knew it could be, without sacrificing its functionality and practicality. Let’s start with…

Basket With Greenery

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen decor isn’t just about stoves and sinks. It can also be about adding baskets filled with greenery and fresh flowers or little planters, giving your space a homey feel. You can make these yourself or look for them online.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Kitchen

Turning your kitchen island into a stylish farmhouse-inspired masterpiece is easy and affordable with these simple steps. Here are a few of our favorite farmhouse kitchen decor ideas that will keep your guests swooning over your gorgeous home.

Farmhouse Styled Candle Holders

Farmhouse Kitchen

Candle holders are a great way to decorate your farmhouse kitchen. Choose glass candle holders with a rustic finish or go for metal if you like something a little more contemporary. Place your candle holders on top of reclaimed wood blocks for a charming accent, or use them as part of a country-style centerpiece. Fill a tall glass vase with fresh flowers and lay votive candles across it.

Farmhouse Kitchen Signs

Farmhouse Kitchen

There’s nothing more charming than farmhouse kitchen signs and other accessories. The rustic charm is evident in everything from doormats that greet visitors upon entry to custom wooden cutting boards made from old barn doors. To find even more perfect farmhouse kitchen decor, browse through some of our favorite collections on Amazon.

Farmhouse Styled Cabinets

Farmhouse Kitchen

There are a number of design elements that make up farmhouse style, but one of my favorites is its use of cabinets. Their color and style can vary from kitchen to kitchen, but they usually include lots of warm tones like rustic browns and antique-looking whites. Because farmhouses often feature an array of hardware and knobs on their cabinets, it’s easy to see how they earned their nickname as shaker-style kitchens.

Exposed Brick Walls

An exposed brick wall is one of those features that immediately gives a kitchen farmhouse charm, with no real effort involved. However, if you don’t have an exposed brick wall, it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to create one. Take a trip to your local home improvement store and pick up some unglazed white bricks that you can use for just about anything. You’ll probably want around ten of them depending on how big your kitchen is.

Chalkboard Pantry Door

Chalkboard paint is an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up a kitchen. These three fun chalkboard pantry door ideas are sure to inspire you. No matter which style you go with. There’s no doubt that all of these adorable doors will make your heart go pitter-patter for farmhouse decor.

Barn Basket

A good old-fashioned barn basket is perfect for carrying laundry, tools. And any other trinkets that tend to clutter up our homes. Be sure to place a wicker or wire basket inside your new barn basket so you can keep items from falling out when you’re on the go. Bonus: they’re a beautiful decorative piece once they’re not holding anything!


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