Pasta is one of the top favorite foods of many. Some think that they need to get off their chair, go out and visit a fancy restaurant just to have a taste of flavorful pasta. This isn’t the case at all times. The truth is, you can enjoy your favorite pasta at home as long as you have everything you need to make your homemade pasta.

You don’t need expensive Italian flour to make a delicious pasta dish. Moreover, even without a special pasta maker, you can go on with your pasta cooking routine using a basic rolling pin that might already be present inside your home. You can make pasta anytime and enjoy this with family and friends at home.  

Homemade pasta is a great everyday recipe, and cooking allows you also to explore your cooking skills and creativity. Additionaly, the following information sums up everything you need to make your homemade pasta.

Homemade Pasta Ravioli Making

Learn the Ingredients Needed for Homemade Pasta

The success of your cooking will greatly depend on your knowledge of the essential ingredients needed. In many instances, ingredients for homemade pasta are already sitting in your kitchen cabinets. Additionally, To prepare, cook, serve, and enjoy pasta at home, you’ll need the following ingredients: 

  • Flour 

This is one of the major ingredients needed for homemade pasta. Moreover, You can choose any of the three different types of flour, or you can just go for a combination of flour to work on your homemade recipe.  

“00” Flour – this flour yields silkier pasta. Many people who love to cook pasta at home love this type of flour for this adds more texture to pasta noodles.  

Semolina – this type is heartier and helps pasta cling to the sauce even better. Along with this Semolina is also a top favorite flour to sprinkle on pasta as well as on a cutting board while rolling the dough.  

All-purpose flour – in case this is the only flour available in your home, you don’t have to worry because you can still use this as all-purpose flour also works well in cooking pasta at home.  

  • Eggs

Making your own pasta requires larger eggs.  


  • Olive Oil

You’ll need this oil to moisten the dough. You can add some teaspoons of water if the dough is very dry.  


  • Sea salt

This is another essential ingredient to add taste when cooking pasta.

Homemade Pasta Handmade

Discover the Equipment Needed to Make Your Own Pasta at Home

Aside from the ingredients needed, you also need to know the equipment required in making homemade pasta. Moreover, it also pays to know the instructions on how to use them. Though rolling the pasta can be done by hand or with a knife and rolling pin, you can still use the following to save some extra work and time: 

  • Pasta maker – you can use this to experiment on the different shapes of pasta 
  • Pasta drying racks – this is an important tool that ensures your pasta does not stick together and remains fresh
  • Dough scraper – this is used to clean flour on the countertops and even cut dough into pieces
  • Spray bottle – can be used in controlling water in the pasta dough

Here’s a glimpse of everything you need to make your own homemade pasta. Now that you have learned all these essential pieces of information, you can quickly start making your own pasta and enjoying this at home with your family.  


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