Rolling pins are used to make everything from pies and cookies to pasta. And yet, this one kitchen item is often overlooked when a person is purchasing everything for their kitchen. This is unfortunate, because a rolling pin can come in handy in so many different scenarios.

Types of Rolling Pins

There are two types of rolling pins. One type has handles, while the other doesn’t. The rolling pins with handles are wider and heavier. The rolling pins without handles are often called French pins and they are always thin and long. Some have tapered ends, while others do not. 

It is best to choose a wooden rolling pin. We prefer those made from maple, ash, or beech. However, a marble rolling pin can also be an excellent choice since the dough will not stick to the roller.

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Rolling Pins Small

How to Choose the Right Rolling Pin for You

You may have no idea which rolling pin is going to be right for you. Some people prefer handles, while others love working with rolling pins without handles. However, if you haven’t used a rolling pin before, you won’t know your personal preference. 

If you are considering rolling pins with handles, we recommend choosing one where the handles are not stationary. Handles that spin around are much easier to use than handles that stay in one place. 

Most professional bakers prefer the rolling pins without handles. The reason they prefer them is they can roll a larger section of dough with one stroke. You can also feel the dough when you are rolling it out using this type of rolling pin. 

The non-tapered ends are better for rolling cookie dough, while the tapered ends work best on pie dough. 

If you simply cannot decide which rolling pin is best for you, we recommend checking with family and friends to see if you can borrow theirs. Trying out different rolling pins is one of the best ways to determine which one is perfect for your needs.

Rolling Pins Rolling Dough

Cleaning a Rolling Pin

Of course, once you find your perfect rolling pin, you will need to know how to clean it properly. You should never use soap on your wooden rolling pins, and they should never be placed in the dishwasher. Instead, take a rag and use hot water to wipe off all the dough. Once your wooden rolling pin is clean, you must make sure it is completely dry before putting it away. 

As for a marble rolling pin, you can follow these same washing and drying directions. It will be much easier to dry a marble rolling pin, since water cannot seep inside. 

Choosing a rolling pin may seem to be overwhelming at first, especially if you have never used one before. Use our tips to find the one that will work best for you and you will finally have the rolling pin you need in your kitchen.  


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