Christmas is a time to embellish and enliven any boring and monotonous space. If you would like to adorn your kitchen these striking Christmas Houseplants and elegant flowers are perfect for this purpose. The celebration of the Christmas holiday is incomplete without Christmas Houseplants. It is a time of year when you can find natural Houseplants that are capable of flooding the home. Dressing home with Christmas natural plants is an ecological option and an excellent way of celebrating the Christmas holiday.  For this reason, and thinking about Christmas 2022-2023, we want to share some typical Christmas plants that are perfect.

Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart

Bromeliad – Houseplants For Your Kitchen

Bromeliad - Houseplants For Your Kitchen

Bromeliad is one of the most resistant plants on the planet and is perfect for Christmas decoration because of its bright red color. It is native to South America and the Bromeliad has an exceptional ability to adapt to almost any climate, which is why it can be found in both cold and warm environments.

How to grow and care for Bromeliad?

  • It needs a high level of humidity, which does not mean that it leads to waterlogging. In fact, we will have to avoid excess water in their roots so that they do not rot.
  • Bromeliad loves to sit under bright indirect light and hates to sit in direct sunlight because it can scorch its natural beauty.
  • It appreciates moist and well-drained soil to thrive.

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) - Houseplants

When you think of Christmas Houseplants, the poinsettia or poinsettia is the first that comes to mind. As it is very well known and you can buy it anywhere. It is a plant of aesthetic appearance and become a great symbol of Christmas due to the glowing red flowers and green leaves. In addition to this, we can also find it in other shades such as white or yellow.

The Poinsettia is native to Central America, so it comes from a tropical climate and is best for the summer season. It is a seasonal flower that is generally planted in early December. After Christmas, on some occasions, it is replaced by another plant of the season. Poinsettia is a pet-friendly plant but if your pet ingests it too much, it may cause vomiting and diarrhea. Poinsettias are known in Mexico as flowers of the holy night or Christmas Eve while Poinsettias are known as Easter flowers.

How to grow and care for Poinsettias?

  • If you decide to keep it as an indoor plant, you should take care to water it moderately. Avoid overwatering.
  • Keep it near a south or east-facing window of your kitchen where it can get a sufficient amount of sunlight.
  • We recommend you fertilize it once a year, ideally in winter with Armony fertilizer.


Holly Houseplants

Holly is a beautiful shrub with intense green leaves thorny edges and red fruits, highly sought after for decorating with Houseplants at Christmas, as it looks beautiful in any corner, as it is very festive, and will combine regardless of the style of your space. This is a protected species, so you cannot cut it in its natural habitat. We can find it in a male and female version, although the first one is the most appreciated. It is a plant that is associated with good fortune or luck, which is why it should never be missing in any kitchen in the world.

How to grow and care for Holly?

  • Holly needs bright indirect light or partial shade of sun to thrive and avoid direct sunlight.
  • It appreciates a lot of irrigation in summer while discouraging watering in winter.
  • It prefers warm temperatures, and moist and fertilized soil and is harmful if your fur babies ingested it.

Rose of Jericho

Houseplants - Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho is one of the most popular ferns among gardening lovers. It is curious to know that it has a past linked to magic and witchcraft; an aspect that marked the rejection of this plant during the Middle Ages which over the decades. Became one of the symbols of Christmas thanks to the fact that it is mentioned in the Bible and linked to one of Jesus’ miracles.

It is often used in spiritual practices to protect from illness and eradicate negative energy. People have mostly used it as a traditional medicine to deal with numerous health diseases such as diabetes, asthma, menstrual cramps, and arthritis pain. You can call it by various names such as resurrection flower or fern, Kaff Maryam, and Maryam flower.

How do grow ad care for Jericho Rose?

  • It can be planted anywhere, so it will grow perfectly both in pots and in pots outdoors.
  • Rose of Jericho can’t tolerate cold weather so just make sure that it is never exposed to an environment below 16 degrees.
  • It needs a good dose of humidity, this means that if it is kept indoors it is necessary to maintain a constant watering pattern and hydrate its leaves with a water spray.
  • We will have to be careful with the aphid since this plant is one of its favorites. In case of detecting the presence of this pest, we will have to apply an anti-aphid insecticide as soon as possible.

Christmas cactus – Houseplants

Christmas cactus

If you wish to innovate your kitchen space with beautiful and traditional Christmas Houseplants, Christmas cactus can become your dreamy plant. It is a cactus native to the tropical areas of Brazil. It’s flowering usually coincides with Christmas, although there are also occasions when it occurs at Easter. Everyone can fall in love with this cute cactus because of its cluster of bright red flowers and dark green leaves. Christmas cacti can blooms in vibrant colors of red, pink, or purple, making them an attractive and precious gift.

How do grow and care for Christmas cactus?

  • Place Christmas Cactus near the east-facing window of your kitchen where it can get the light of the morning sun while the partial shade of the afternoon sun.
  • Keep it in high-nutrient and moist soil to thrive.
  • It is crucial to spray its leaves to maintain adequate levels of humidity in its leaves.
  • Apply high-potassium and organic fertilizer every two weeks once buds form.

Christmas rose

Christmas cactus Houseplant

It is a symbol of rebirth, of a great miracle from God, and of second chances.  According to an old legend, when the three Wise Men went to the portal to offer their gifts to Christ, a maiden felt bad for not being able to offer anything. Due to this, she started to cry. An angel who was near her took pity on her by giving her a white rose to offer to the child. Christmas rose blooms in the winter months until the beginning of spring. There are numerous varieties of red, white, and pink beautiful flowers.

How to grow and care for Christmas roses?

  • You can locate it in a sunny spot since that will allow the bush to flourish continuously.
  • Freezing and bone-chilling cold is a big enemy of Christmas roses so, always keep away from cold.
  • It loves to sit in moist and well-drained soil.



The mistletoe grows on the bark of the trees that host it, without its roots in the soil. It has white fruits or berries and is considered a great symbol of fortune and fertility. For the festivities, it is hung on the doors, and in some traditions, people kiss their partner for “good luck” since it is associated with happiness, love, and friendship. This plant form has been used for thousands of years, as it has always been believed to have magical powers. The druids used it for their spells, like the Celtic people. Nowadays, it cannot be missing in any house during the Christmas season.

How we can grow and care for Mistletoe?

  • It requires growing in areas with a high level of organic matter, so we recommend you improve your soil with our Armony compost.
  • It likes to grow in bright indirect light and in humid areas.
  • Despite liking the cold, it adapts well to the heat.


Houseplants - Nandina

It may be a little-known plant but highly appreciated for its beauty. This flowering plant is native to eastern Asia. Its main advantage is that it is very easy to care for, not require great effort. It is also known by the name of sacred bamboo or heavenly bamboo. It is ideal for decorating your centerpieces thanks to its reddish hue, a typical color of this time. The berries produced by Nandina may be perilous for birds especially the Cedar waxwing if ingested.

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