You can’t make a healthy home without plants. They bestow us with good air quality and natural beauty. They help us to get closer to nature, revive our spirit and upgrade our immune system. You can make a grey day of winter more vivacious and cheerful by adding a few beautiful houseplants in the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart and main part of the home and adding plants to this heart is not rocket science. Even people who are a novice in this field can enhance the beauty of the kitchen with charming houseplants if you are worried about modifying houseplants in your small apartment or congested kitchen space. Although, plants for kitchen decoration always boost your mood because of their freshness. Here are seven creative and unique ways to integrate plants in your small kitchen without exceeding your budget and sacrificing your solace.

decorate your kitchen with Plants | Plants for kitchen decoration |

Add Plants over the kitchen sink

Tiny plants are best for brightening up the space of the kitchen sink. If you are searching for something with more pictorial attention then Pothos, philodendron, and snake plants are best for you. If you love bright colors and subtropical plants then try an orchid at least one time in your life, they are gorgeous. Orchid love sunlight that’s why you can place them near the window but the window must be insulated against the draft.

Hanging Plants in the basket | Plants for kitchen decoration |

Hanging Plants in the basket

If you have a high ceiling in your kitchen then your kitchen is perfect for hanging plants. You can hang baskets and pots from the ceiling with small plant hooks. It is a fantastic way to lush up your spare. If you have a small kitchen then declutter the floor space and décor the kitchen with hanging plants. If you are deprived of a high ceiling, you can still enhance the beauty of your kitchen by hanging baskets from the hooks on the wall. Grape ivy, a string of pearls, Fuchsias, Creeping jenny, Boston fern, Rex Begonia vine, bacopa, and geraniums are best for hanging baskets. All trailing plants are best for this purpose. Hanging plants are best for those who don’t like space-consuming potted plants.

Fill up your Shelves and ledges | Plants for kitchen decoration |

Fill up your Shelves and ledges

If you have numerous open shelves and ledges in your kitchen, you can fulfill this spare space with cactus plants. Cactus are very low-maintenance plants and they don’t require more space. You can purchase small pots in different colors and designs for cactus plants. you can arrange your plants for kitchen decoration to increase the ambiance of your kitchen. You can also fill the empty walls of the kitchen with floating shelves. Black-eyed Susan Vine is best for walls. You can choose plants that grow in low light for kitchen shelves. If you don’t have any space for additional shelves then floating shelves are the best option for you. It is the best way of keeping plants away from the approached children.

Bright up your countertop and cabinet| Plants for kitchen decoration |

Bright up your countertop and cabinet

If you have no more space in the kitchen, you can still brighten up your countertop space with beautiful houseplants. The countertop of the kitchen looks dull and incomplete without the presence of plants. There are several stylish pots available in the market with outstanding holders. Buy them and they give permit you to place plants on countertops and cabinets. You can put houseplants into a bookcase for getting a modern look. Pothos and ponytails are best for decorating countertops and cabinets. They have both a whimsical and unique look.

Add herbs to a windowsill |

Add herbs to a windowsill

If you have a window in your kitchen, lucky fresh herbs will feel satisfied with you. You can create your own dreamy and fresh herbs gardens such as mint, rosemary, bay leaves, basil, thyme, and lavender near the window because fresh herbs love indirect light. Herbs can’t give a beautiful look to your kitchen but they can use help you in different ways during the cooking. You can use rose petals for making the cupcake more beautiful. Bay leaves bestow your stews and soups with a melodious flavor.

Lavender is best for shortbread and dressing up the ice cream and custard. You can also use lavender for drizzling onto the lamb and fish before roasting. Parsley and spearmint are the best fresh green herbs for savory dishes and it is very rich in vitamins. Don’t place dried herbs near the stove because heat is a big foe for dried herbs. You can also place jasmine on the windowsill because it thrives in direct sunlight.

Add plants near the stove | Plants for kitchen decoration |

Add plants near the stove

Space near the stove is another good spot for placing plants. Aloe Vera is a natural first aid kit in the case of burning. Women are mostly burned during frying chicken or cooking something, so always keep aloe Vera near the stove in the kitchen. It provides the finest pain relief. When you apply Aloe Vera Gel on the effective area by burning, a cooling sensation will be felt right away. Moreover using plants for kitchen decoration provide you with positive energy in cooking for your loved ones.

Place plants on the refrigerator | Plants for kitchen decoration

Place plants on the refrigerator

The top of the refrigerator is another perfect way of adding greenery. If you don’t want to create a mess on your refrigerator then lucky bamboo is the best option for you. Little Lucky Bamboo always prefers a jar of glass instead of a soil pot or clay pot. You can use any plastic container with a beautiful rap of paper in the absence of a glass jar. You can also add an air plant or small succulent such as little missy and little bobo on the top of the refrigerator. They will look very charming in the glass jar.

plants in the corner of the kitchen |

Add plants in the corner of the kitchen

The corner of your kitchen is also the best spot for placing plants in the kitchen. If you have any particular corner in your kitchen that is not suitable for any kitchen item, you can add unique plants to fill up this space. The Fiddle leaf Fiq with violin-shaped leave, snake plants with the most challenging texture, ponytail with a unique style, and bird of paradise with green glossy leaves are the best plants for the corner of the kitchen. If you want to bring wealth and prosperity to your home then place a peace lily with white blooming flowers. Along with this, a money plant with heart-shaped leaves is in the corner of your kitchen. Because Plants for kitchen decoration can enhance the beauty of your cooking station.

Propagation station on Wall |

Propagation station on Wall for Plants for kitchen decoration

Propagation means the proliferation and production of new plants by using your old Plants. You can propagate plants in water by taking leaf or stem cutting, division, layering, and budding from the healthy plants on the wall of the kitchen. It’s an outstanding, technical, and easy method to clone your plants. Moreover, to increase the beauty of the kitchen use Plants for kitchen decoration. Most plants go sluggish in winter and vigorously grow in spring and autumn. You just need a glass jar or tubes and a ceramic vase for propagating the plants.

If you do have not a glass jar, tubes, or beakers, you can also use a drinking glass or coffee can. If you do have not all these items, you can use even a plastic bottle or bottle can for propagating the plants. Pothos, Philodendron, Chinese evergreen, English ivy, croton, lucky bamboo, and spider plant are best for propagation stations. Any Warm spot in your kitchen is best for propagating the plants because they prefer bright and indirect light during growing their new little roots. Moreover, if you use Plants for kitchen decoration it will make your kitchen into a natural oasis.

Climbing Plants for kitchen decoration |

Climbing Plants for kitchen decoration

Climbing plants is one of a unique type of kitchen plant because they can grow rapidly within a few days. If you don’t want to create a mess or have more space in your kitchen then climbing plants are best for your kitchen because it requires no floor or shelf space. You can place climbing vines on your empty white walls which add different bright colors to your dull walls of the kitchen. Moreover, Plants for kitchen decoration can enhance the beauty of your space. You can grow climbing vines in any direction whatever you want and if you feel they grow in the wrong position then you can change their position anytime. Climbing plants are versatile and can adjust in any space whenever you keep them. Swedish ivy, spider plants, inch plants, and Pothos are the best climbing plants for your kitchen.

Creating Plant Walls |

Creating Plant Walls using Plants for kitchen decoration

Plant wall is a very creative way to fill up your boring and empty wall with beautiful colors of life. You can create plant walls in many different and unique ways. Moreover, you can place plants in octagonal wooden frames on the wall of your kitchen and you can also hang ceramic pots on your empty kitchen wall and add plants to them. You can use a macramé hanger for placing plants on the wall. You can also add plants on wooden walls with beautiful lights and vertical plant walls. Along with this, you can use blue, red, or green light for growing indoor plants. Blue lights aid plants to produce chlorophyll and red light helps plants in the production of fruits and flowers. While green light helps in the process of photosynthesizing. we suggest you use Plants for kitchen decoration, So you can intake fresh air while working.

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