The benefits of houseplants in the kitchen have become a very positive trend in recent years and not only because of the multiple benefits it offers but also because it is a simple form of decoration that will add beauty and integrate a bit of the natural environment into your kitchen.

If you are thinking of redecorating your kitchen, we advise you to continue reading, we are sure that after taking a look at our post, you will want to fill all the shelves and gaps in your kitchen with plants.

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.

(Gertrude Jekyll)

Benefits of Houseplants in the Kitchen

Betting on a green area in any space in the house is really beneficial, but if we specify plants in the kitchen, the positive effects multiply. Do you want to know what they are?

Purify the air

The benefits of having plants in the kitchen materialize in the cleaning of the air that they carry out. There are certain plants that are known to have air-purifying properties. They give away oxygen and reduce smoke or strong odors. Among the kitchen plants most used to purify the air, we find the snake plant, the tiger’s tongue, the areca, the spathiphyllum, and the rubber tree. In addition to being easy to grow and resistant, they stand out for their intense green color and, in some cases, for their beautiful flowers.

Positive Benefits of Houseplants on Health

The Benefits of houseplants in the kitchen help our health, as numerous medical studies affirm. Among its effects, the most noteworthy are reducing anxiety, depression, and body mass index, as well as improving the quality of life. Moreover, the satisfaction of people who add these elements to their stay. Plants can sharpen your memory and may save you from brain fog. A study published in Preventive Medicine Reports details that spending just half an hour a day gardening can significantly reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone.

Another credible research that was published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, having houseplants in the house or office can increase your sense of comfort, serenity, and naturalness. So if you need to relax, it’s a good idea to have plants in the kitchen.

Nature and decoration, all in one

Who has not ever thought about how well plants look in any room? Well, imagine yourself in the kitchen! Chaotic stay and a lot of activity by nature, never better said. Moreover, sometimes it is difficult for us to maintain order in this place, so our decorative plans can end up going to waste.

This would not happen if we integrated plants in the kitchen since it is not necessary to move them from their position. So the decoration would remain intact at all times. In case your kitchen has a lot of space, the ideal is to place a small tree, such as the avocado tree, which needs to be protected indoors, but where it receives enough natural light.

We find plants of all kinds: large, small, with colors, soberer, more cheerful, vines, more collected… for all tastes and for all spaces, where they all coincide is in the freshness they bring to the room.

They are an alternative to the emergency kit

If we have aloe Vera, we have the first quick solution to any small accident, such as cuts or burns that occur in the kitchen. The crystal of this plant helps regenerate the skin, as well as hydrate the affected area and reduce the pain produced.

It must be taken into account that we must place it in a place where natural light and ventilation can easily reach it. It will be the only way to keep it alive without difficulties. Just keep in mind that these plants require a place with enough natural light and ventilation, so it is ideal to have them near a window.

The perfect seasoning

This is the most universal benefit of having plants in the kitchen. Who has not ever used rosemary or parsley for their meals? Now, by integrating these plants into your kitchen, you will have it easier. Aromatic plants are a great option to season dishes, as they add a very particular flavor to meals. Basil, rosemary, cilantro, coriander, parsley, and mint are the most used. You can also grow some variety of chili, such as the chile de árbol which grows perfectly in pots and gives food an incomparable flavor. Just take care that the pot where you place these aromatic plants in the kitchen has holes underneath so that the water can drain.

Enhance the humidity level

If you live in dry climates or have dry skin and sinuses, houseplants can increase the humidity level of your home. They take up water from the soil by their roots, and the water then circulates inside the plant. Moreover, enabling it to carry out its typical operations (like photosynthesis). Some of the water in the plant is lost to the atmosphere as the plant opens the pores in its leaves to absorb CO2. When you have houseplants, the air inside gets more humid in this way.

What plants do we choose to place in the kitchen?

  • Choose the ones that can be useful in your kitchen
  • Establish a site for them. Keep in mind that it is recommended that they be away from the induction hob, smoke, and drafts, and close to the light. Additionally without it directly affecting the plant for too many hours.
  • Small kitchen? Choose hanging pots. With this option, you will not hog space to place other essential things in the kitchen: kitchenware, food, and products.
  • Do not put plants near the fruit, since the plants can release a hormone that causes them to wither earlier.
  • Avoid keeping your green friend near the detergents because they may fall on them.
  • The sink is for washing, do not put plants in it.
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