If you are looking forward to a unique and extraordinarily beautiful flower shape to enliven your kitchen’s space but there are numerous varieties and you’re confused in the selection of flowering plant. Don’t disappoint, star-shaped flowers with overloaded cuteness are perfect for your kitchen. They do not just brighten up your space, the soothing fragrance of flowers can make your kitchen smell pleasant and welcoming. Let’s explore our beautiful and fragrant flowers that you can grow in your indoor garden.

Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine is an evergreen trailing vine that has a strong ability to climb on the walls of the kitchen with small star-shaped white flowers and glossy and dark green leaves. Its tiny white flowers in darkness look like shining and twinkling stars glowing in the night. A colossal number of white flowers can fill the kitchen’s space with a strong aroma immediately.

If you are a butterfly lover, star jasmine is an ideal plant for you because it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. It is mostly grown for an arbor, pergola, trellis, or fence or as a flowering ground. You can also thrive it in the pot. Jasmine is a sun lover so, keep it in a place where it can receive a sufficient amount of bright indirect light. It is a sign of purity, modesty trust, and love.

Pentas (Star Shaped Flowers)

Pentas | Star shaped flowers

Pentas is another gorgeous flowering plant and is also called the Egyptian star cluster or flower. They bloom throughout the summer and come in different shades of soft pink, fiery red, lavender blue, purple, and white. This plant grows in tropical areas and attracts pollinators and hummingbirds to the ground. Pentas are not harmful to pets and humans. Pentas can thrive in cooler climates. Slightly acidic soil and loves to receive full sun. You can keep Pentas in a container or pot.

Impala Lily (Adenium obesum)

Lily | Star shaped flowers

Impala Lily is an evergreen succulent shrub with elegant and large star-shaped flowers. It is very rich in varieties of striking colors such as red, pink, yellow, orange, and white with bi-colored. Adenium obesum blooms flowers throughout the year. They loves cooler climates instead of warm weather and is an exceptional drought-tolerant plant. This Star-shaped flower requires full exposure to the sun and well-drained soil. Don’t try to water it during the winter season.



Dahlia is another summer-blooming star-shaped flower. It can be grown from seed or tubers and bloom from the end of summer until fall. They are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and colors including star-shaped varieties. It can grow well in USDA Zones 10 through 12. Keep it in a sunny spot, provide them with 6-8 hours of direct sunlight, and enjoy the relaxing fragrance of flowers all over the summer. Just make sure to protect Dahlia from strong wind.



The kitchen is a place where you prepare your meal and nourish your family so, why not enhance its beauty with enchanting star-shaped flowers? Bellflowers are perennials and low-maintenance flowering plants with blue or purple bell-shaped and star-shaped flowers. They not come only in blue or purple hues but are also available in white, pink, and bi-colored varieties. Bellflowers always consist of five soft petals fused at the base. You can easily propagate it by division and cutting methods. They love to adore full exposure to the sun but can tolerate the partial shade of sun and well-drained soil like other houseplants. If you feel sluggishness in the growth of bellflower then you can use liquid fertilizer.

Star Tulip

Star shaped flowers

If you want to add a classic and versatile flower to your collection, the Star tulip can become your dreamy flower once place it in your kitchen space. You can plant them in the fall, they will bestow you with outstanding white flowers before spring. keep star tulips away from rabbits. Early fall is the ideal time to plant star Tulips indoors. It is native to the western United States.

Starfish Plant

Starfish flower

Starfish Plant is a large and star-shaped succulent native to Tanzania and South Africa. They come in different shades of red, pink, green, and purple. The starfish plant earned its name due to the shape of the flowers that look like starfish. You can call it the name of starfish cactus, a carrion flower, It smells like rotting meat and helps to attract clusters of flies for pollination. Starfish plant is a tropical plant so never forget to keep it inside the kitchen all over the winter. It appreciates direct sunlight so, place it near the south-facing sunny window of your kitchen. They require adequate humidity, less water, and well-drained soil.  Fertilize them every three months for the best performance.

Pretty Face

Pretty face or golden star is known for its unique umbel-like clusters of star-shaped yellowish-white flowers on each bome and pretty deadly fragrance. They can grow up to 16 inches tall and come in shades of lavender, purple and white. You can enjoy its deep cut flower indoors as well as outdoors. These elegant blooms can brighten up any dull or boring space.

Hoya ( Star shaped Flowers)

Star shaped flowers

Everyone can fall in love with the beauty of Hoya due to its cute star-shaped flowers with floral balm and pheromone scent. You can call it Hoya the name of the wax flower or porcelain flower. The petals of the Hoya flower have a double layer: on the outside, there are five medium petals and inside there are rows of five small petals.

Heliotrope ( Star shaped Flowers)


Heliotrope is one of the most gorgeous star-shaped flowers. The word Heliotrope is derived from the Greek word Helios means sun and Tropos mean to turn that’s why a Cluster of Heliotrope grow on one side and adore the sun. Some Horticulture claims that the scent of the flower is vanilla while other gardeners insist they smell like cherry pie. Its delicate fragrance can fill your kitchen with a pleasant scent and make you delighted. It needs six hours a day of direct sunlight and prefers partial shade sunlight in the afternoon. They enjoy moist and well-drained soil that is not waterlogged. This star-shaped flower grows well in warm weather and humid weather. Keep away from the approach of pets because it is perilous for the health of pets.


Flowering plant

Chincherinchee is another star-shaped flower that can thrive as a houseplant. It is also known as Cape-lily, Christmas Lily, and Rock Lily. They love warm weather instead of colder climates so don’t keep it outside the kitchen in winter. It enjoys full exposure to the sun but can tolerate the partial shade of the sun too. They are not drought-tolerant plant and prefers dry soil to thrive. Spring is the ideal time for planting this elegant flowering plant.

Bromeliad ( Star shaped Flowers)

Bromeliad | Flowering plant

Bromeliads have striking and long-lasting baby blooms. In fact, they are not really flowers, they have modified leaves called bracts. They require a high level of humidity so, don’t keep them near drafty areas. It appreciates indirect light, so keep away it from direct sunlight. Its aroma is like cloves when in bloom.

Striped Squill

Star shaped Flowers


The striped Squill is also a star-shaped flower that blooms in pink, purple, blue, and white flowers. Its greyish-blue flowers give you a soothing fragrance and pleasant sight. These fast-growing succulents are ideal for rock gardens. Each flower comprises six petals like sepals.

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